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Snaps of your workspace are suddenly a thing. Please send yours in, over or across, and we’ll add it to the collection.

Nick Stewart

I wouldn’t actually call it a work space, it’s where I live. There’s no line between work and life. The photos above the computers include, the house I was born in and Tower Bridge in 1905 with a frozen Thames below. Above that are drawings by my daughter and a couple by me. There’s a framed 45rpm “Single” of The Kinks, Waterloo Sunset that represents the fact I live with this view every day. This is what I always wanted, to live in Waterloo sunset. Top right are some old High Band video tapes from the 1990s, the residue of my early video work. On the table: Ibuprofen for my leg, a broken smoke detector, a glow-moon thing, Perspex audio speakers, an incomplete application for an Irish passport for my daughter and two laptops: forward one for WSA, background one, my work. They will shortly swapping places, just as soon as I send this … now!