Lucy Shirley Winterbottom

Shirley grew up in Wiltshire and attended Foundation at Bath College. She is a supervisor at a Holiday Inn, sometimes teaches guitar, mainly to friends. She took a year out from Printmaking and with no presses at home, got back into painting and drawing so moved to the Painting studio for Year 3.

Working with mixed media, I begin by photographing people I have an emotional connection with and then print these photographs out to make them into physical objects. I trace over them on acetate, tracing the main form of the figure to create an interpretation of the initial image, limiting the time spent to form a quick, abstracted line drawing. I use the drawings as reference for my paintings, layering with acrylic ink, charcoal and paint pens. The absence of the original image allows me to interpret the acetate figures differently, further abstracting the shapes to create spatial ambiguity. I address the ideas of disrupted portraits and juxtaposition of foreground and background while finding a balance between the use of fluorescent colour and a range of muted tones, attempting to evoke an emotional response in the viewer.

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