Patricia Odysseos-Suther

Patricia is from West London and did her A-levels at St Helen’s School, Northwood. She plays for the Southampton Ladies Lacrosse Club and has completed a number of internships with production companies, helping out with post-production, marketing, advertising and Photoshop work. 

Analogue photography, from the initial capture to the development of the image, is a practice that is being displaced by digital methods. My practice looks at how aspects of the 21st century affect the relationship between the viewer, the image (taken on 35mm film), and the platform on which the image is displayed. Technological developments such as social media and instant access to cameras have changed the way we view images. We have the choice to continually take photographs, and have hundreds of images to choose from, with which we can create an “ideal” exterior for others to critique. However, since lockdown, my practice has taken the route of addressing how it has affected me and my family since all four of us are vulnerable. I approached my work in the style of Merz and Dada poetry within a contemporary context; this being through digital collage in film and photography, and working with audio and transcripts. 

We are completely immersed in the digital world, since we can’t leave the house or carry on as normal. My aim is to emphasise the monotony and nonsensical nature of lockdown and how there is no real timeline to life at the moment. My film, ‘What I have watched on Netflix and Amazon Prime’ and the collaged transcripts emphasize the difficulty of following what is going on in everyday life and in the news.

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