Bethany Jarrett

Bethany is from the village of Shrivenham, in Oxfordshire. She lives in Winchester. She did Foundation at New College in Swindon. She has two jobs: waitressing and working at Mcdonalds. She enjoys long walks, and socialising with her friends.

Within my practice I explore my biological body in relation to the organic physical world, through documentation of my encounters and experiences with the material environment, through the lens of the camera, I try to understand what it might mean to be human living in the current Anthropocene epidemic. Then rendering collected material from body and environment through collage, photo overlays, video, sculpture and print making. I explore the materiality which make up these complex systems, creating correspondences between the two.

This exploration of body and environment has led me to creating a Chimera-like being, a hybrid creature capturing an essence from nature, human and animal. The creature is built up from prints of human limbs and organic natural shapes, all symmetrically placed together creating an insect like body. Through the Chimera I have tried to blur the lines between the human, the animal and the natural world. As we have lost our connection to the place we live, due to our species innate predisposition to greed. The Chimera is surrounded by post-apocalyptic growths. These plant-like organisms wear a new skin, one which resembles human like textures but has grown through the debris of DNA experiments, from where electrical and nuclear waste has nourished the soil. 

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