Bridie McAteer-Bowden

Bridie is from Bushey, Hertfordshire. She attended Foundation at Camberwell UAL in London. 

Her photography observes the interaction of people. She captures the fleeting, the unnoticed. The unthought of moments that make up all of our days. Small moments such as cigarette-breaks, car-journeys, lunch-breaks, waiting for the bus. Turning the mundane into beauty, romanticising normal situations. Capturing our ‘in between’ moments. She mainly works with black and white photography as she finds a power in their simplicity, a poetic sense of calm felt in the beauty of just the figures and moments displayed. 

Through photography, I capture the lives of the real people that unfold around me every day. I highlight and celebrate the beauty in the calm and the slow mundane, the everyday, the in-between and unthought-of moments. I chose to photograph people in these ‘in-between’ waiting, walking moments as I am aware of the difference in how time is used here. There is no pressure to keep moving- no big city ‘push’. I capture the unconscious dérive, the drifting and floating of the people in Southampton.

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