Kerry Mercer

Kerry is from Worthing, West Sussex. She attended Foundation at Northbrook College in Worthing. She likes socialising with friends and works at Next in the summer. 

She is interested in digital technology and what it means to be living within this digitalised era. 

My practice focuses on our heavy reliance towards digital technology (such as our phones, laptops, TVs etc.). I aim to highlight how digitally saturated our lives are, by showcasing an overwhelming abstract digital image.

In presenting this, I hope viewers of my work can recognise the omnipresence of digital technology within our lives, by the sheer scale of my work. How it’s a powerful, influential source within society that can often be overlooked and taken for granted. I feel my work is most successful as it comments on the current societal state of quarantine, where many people relied on digital technologies/applications to fulfil their everyday environments in this confined time. 

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