Thea Demetriou

Thea is from Nicosia, Cyprus and did A-levels at The Falcon School, Nicosia.

In her free time outside the studio, she enjoys cooking and watching movies with her flatmates, travelling to new places across the UK and petting strangers’ dogs. 

My art consists of constructing dreamlike worlds that stem from specific experiences of the real world. The subtle surrealism is a way of processing and treating political, social or personal pressures in my life. I use a gentle, pastel colour palette to produce a comforting and ethereal atmosphere, in which these moments of tension can be faced with ease. My paintings confront issues but also create distance from them; the way I paint reflects this constant drift from reality. I work with oil paints and apply the paint smoothly and meticulously, to create an illusion of reality, while also breaking this illusion by exposing the materiality of the paint in different ways. The core of my practice entails uncovering anxieties or hardships and treating them through a variety of visual means.

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