Oluwatomilola Olumide

Oluwatomilola is from Lagos, Nigeria, and Wolverhampton. She did BTEC in Art & Design at West Herts College, Watford, Hertfordshire.

My work explores the subject of the self in relation to the otherness of the external world, where through the chronicles of self-histories I am able to portray experiences of emotions, mental fragmentation, culture shock, racial otherness and the sensitivity of memories.  

I feel my work is deeply personal but also healing, it is an assemblage of melancholy however very much with the aspirations to have conversations between the work and I on self-growth and maturity.  

My practice has been a place of exploration of mediums from drawing, to print making, and in my university career its’ been looking at the abstraction of mediums of interest; from painting again but on plaster and found objects, to amateur video performances, spoken word renditions, assemblages, collages, photomontages, fabric manipulations, sculptural installations, body performances and so forth. It’s been a constant test of what can be done and not how well to be honest. It’s been like having a flavour of ice-cream at different moments in time and savouring it until you get bored. Because sometimes a single medium in all honesty for me, can get old fast.  

I’ve found the manner of experimenting in multiple mediums quite interesting and very much satisfying because the idea of being in competition with anyone doesn’t intimidate and the idea of being ‘professional’ in working doesn’t intimidate either. It’s a very much trial and error process of making things and having fun and learning what works regardless of the politics that surrounds it. 

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