Caroline Perkins

Caroline is from Cornwall where she moved to do a ceramics degree in her 30s. She now lives in Andover.

She takes part in Bad Poets, Shared Calm, and the External Events Committee. 

She has collaborated with many of her student cohort, making an installation with Alex, and creating costumes for Harry, Emilee, Bianca, Thea, Trish and Oliver, to wear in a performance in the painting Salon.  Caroline then took those students outside to a woodland environment where she choreographed and filmed the performance. As an artist, she addresses the connectedness of things, mythology, fairy tales, gods and goddesses, animal characteristics in ourselves and the human characteristics we see in animals; she links all these to cultural references and the everydayness of life.

My work is about Duality and Simultaneity; how we can be, at once, one thing and another. The ability to hold contradictory ideas is fertile ground for creativity, but it is impossible to carry continuous contamination of those dualities. I want to surprise myself.  I take inspiration from the past, and from spiritual mythologies that are still present and carry symbolic meaning today. I respond to the ideas presented by particle physics, quantum theory of entanglement, intra-action and interconnectedness: how we are symbiotic to the environment we live in and how we destroy at the same time. How then does this relate to my practice? I am hoping that by exploring other artist work who address these themes I can see how they have incorporated this into their work. In relation to my own work, I have only the beginning of an answer.

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