Lucy Rayson

Lucy is from Birmingham, and attended Foundation at Warwickshire College Group, Royal Leamington Spa, where she found her love of feminist artwork.  She is a member of the LGBTQ+ Society, works at Tesco, and is part of a clay-pigeon shooting club in Birmingham, where she’s been a member since the age of 11, a hobby she shares with her dad.

My practice explores the taboo of hair within society and how women face different challenges with exercising their own control and choice over their own body hair. I have explored different cultures’ and religions’ views on hair as well as body hair and have looked at how different women have broken the norms and have chosen to make their body hair a feature and the responses they receive for their choice. Within my practice, I have also looked at medical conditions regarding hair loss. I took inspiration from my own personal experiences as I have struggled with stress-related alopecia for a few years and I have used moments from my own life and incorporated it into my physical works. I have used a range of materials but mainly real human hair. I wanted the pieces to contain a jarring element and a nod to the uncanny, as the sight of hair detached from the body is not one many viewers find comfortable to look at. My practice questions why society has a strong say in how people choose to groom themselves.

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