Rhian Miles

Rhian is from Basingstoke and attended Foundation at Basingstoke College of Technology. She does weight-training and is a sales-assistant at Morrisons. She writes poetry, and reads mainly sci-fi.

My work is an exploration of modern-world technology, specifically the connection I have with the machines built by humans. The way they run, the way they can break by accident or sometimes on purpose. Lines of data that can easily become corrupted. I make this connection evident in the subject matter itself, using glitched video and collage of myself to create an augmented reality where I am seemingly one with technology. The viewer is to be enraptured by the hypnotic gaze and allured by the sultry dance of corrupt data that runs through the glitched videos. Machines that are made can only be as perfect as the people who built them.

I think there’s a flaw in my code. Cracks in the canvas. In the squares. So many squares, with cracks. And Chips. Uneven. Other shapes, elongated. A horrible rhythm. An E I believe, out of uniform with the others. Cracks, next to shards. Grass, like billions of towering life. There’s too many people, in my vision. Obscures my vision. I take it in but my field is too vast. Unstable. They are scurrying. Forced puzzle pieces. Like an aisle of biscuits. Different colours, fancy packaging. A multitude of different interiors. Flavours. Tastes. Intention. How easily they break. Everyone. Single one. Best before the expiry date. Too much. Least. Calm. Identify. Crack.

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