Jakob Davies

Jake is from West Sussex and attended Foundation at Chichester College.

He lives in Winchester and runs the Life-Drawing classes. He is based in the printmaking studio where he has worked with laser-etching and printing, but does a lot of painting too, for its symbolism and satire: life, death and all the curves, exploring depression and inner conflict.

I like to tackle subjects that may cause serious offence. Looking at the political landscape and making perhaps more controversial remarks. I like facts, not feelings. Many artists are gripped by emotion, gripped by what may or may not be. They’re dancing liberals, most are reported to be SJW (social justice warriors). The new fashion is to be indoctrinated into this progressive ideology that definitely ignores the biological truths, and vastly pushes its weight against the fabric of politics.  I don’t know how best to define my practice. It is and it isn’t about politics. It’s a winding road that feels like it’s grounded in the past and the present. It’s retrograde. The views I perpetuate feel appropriate to the nature of the subjects. They’re usually late 50s early 60s representations of subjects. I no longer want my work to enact a sense of emotion on the viewer. I would like the sense of nostalgia and the conservation of ideas to stand in a timeless manner.

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