Nadia Sarwar

Nadia is from Ruislip in west London; she did Foundation at West Herts College in Watford. She is a Student Ambassador and works at Tesco. Work experience with the Trinity Mirror Group in the Fashion and Editorial department, shadowing the editor, seeing what goes into creating and designing a magazine, provided a new starting-point for her practice.

My current practice exploits the use of digital software and printmaking, to address the highly pressurised world of the fashion industry and the ability it has to construct our identity, whilst maintaining historical and cultural elements from its production process. I explored the process of fashion publishing, digitally recreating magazines covers, to illustrate the fast-paced and methodological process of constructing and mass producing a magazine in our digital era. This reconstruction of the motion of working towards a final outcome, e.g. from the selection of imagery, to the final print, has allowed me to juxtapose the slow, small-scale preparation, which has then been mass produced into this large-scale fast fashion industrial output. In my recent works, I have shifted from solely focusing on the technical production process of constructing a magazine, to looking in-depth at the fashion industry as a whole, thinking about the process of pattern cutting and fabrics, to illustrate the global procedure from the factory production in third world countries, to the retail output.

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