Samuel Hänikene

Sam is from Essex and went to Colchester Sixth Form College. He ran the art society at Highfield, and was a member of the street sport society – skateboarding. He works at a golf club throughout the holidays.

Before Easter, I was combining print and painting, with the aim of simultaneously combining the representational and the abstract.  Since the lockdown, I have not been able to continue this line of work. I have been investigating a 15th century painting, by making drawings and theoretical research. This has resulted in the making of two works: The Drawings – 501 line-drawings after the painting – and The Practice of Investigation: Domenico Veneziano – a 5000-word essay, outlining the production, theory and result of The Drawings.  

My aim has been to investigate a painting. That investigation has led me to research texts and write in a way that I have not done before; it has led to a new process for me, of looking and understanding, and a process that I can replicate in other projects. This new way of personal study is the most satisfying aspect of my recent practice.

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