WSA Fine Art Degree Show Review Symposium

The Winchester School of Art BA Fine Art Degree Show Review Symposium took place online 1-3 July 2020; there are links to each session below, and to individual students’ main contributions, on their pages of the online version of the Yearbook, on this site.

chair: Louise Coysh, Associate Director of Arts and Culture, University of Southampton
with guest alumni:Tanya Judd; Kezia Davies; Imogen Marooney; George Thom; Annette Warner; and Amy Wilson

Session 1
convener: Gordon Hon
discussant: Amy Wilson
students: Ciara Hinchey; Bianca Schmittmann; and Lily Flo Williams

Session 2
convener Ian Dawson
discussant: Annette Warner
students: James Hewins; Kerry Mercer; Georgie Sutton; Sabrina Turner Flanders; Lauren Williams; and Morgan Watson

Session 3
convener: John Gillett
discussant: Imogen Marooney
students: Beth Ashford; Harry Joyce; and Maryam Kazimi

Session 4
(Regional Opportunities Forum)
convener: Luci Eldridge
discussant: Kezia Davies
guests: Mia Delve, a space arts; Vickie Fear and Jo Bushnell; Aspex Gallery; and Jack Lewis, John Hansard Gallery
with a presentation of the work of: Jakob Davies; Maisy Critchley; Lauren Gander; Oliver Gaspar; Katerina Iona; Beth Jarrett; Vasilena Nikolova; Emilee Parnell; Adeline Peligrad; Nathan Pine; Xu Quiqing; Pratigya Rai; JD Rafferty; Lucy Rayson; Rhiannon Stopczynski; Georgia Weaver; and Shirley Winterbottom

Session 5
convener: Peter Driver
discussant: George Thom
students: Poppy Ash; Lauren Culloty; Milly Mansfield Parker; Bridie McAteer-Bowden; Rhian Miles; Alex Morgan; Tish Odysseus-Suther

Session 6
Convener: Nicola Thomas
discussant: Tanya Judd
students: Jess Curtis; Emma Davies; Tomi Olumide; Caroline Perkins; Emily Ponting; Nadia Sarwar; Bryony Thompson; Jasmin Young
followed by closing remarks.

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