Lauren Culloty

Lauren is from Watford and attended sixth form at Queens’ School.

She takes part in Shared Calm and Bad Weather, and works, party-hosting and games-marshalling, at a Laser Planet, where kids shoot each other… 

My work usually starts with the use of ready-made materials, whether this is working with different types of paper; lined, squared, blank, coloured or using other found materials such as televisions and pieces of board as a surface to paint on. I enjoy when the material has a connection that is specific to my circumstances. I am interested in both materials that suggest an everyday domestic quality and institutional learning. I use these materials to investigate ways in which I can bring the viewer back to the materiality of the work of art. Therefore, when someone looks at the work, they are not only being convinced of the representation being a true and real moment in time, but they are also being brought back to the material aspects of the piece. I am very interested in domestic interior design and I like to use outdated homely aesthetics as a subject in my practice. This is usually done with a focus on my personal perspective of the domestic world. I often use as a subject the people and spaces around me. I am interested in how portraying domestic worlds can symbolise the people within them. I often experiment in creating work by appropriating other artists’ compositions.

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