Lauren Williams

Lauren lives and works in Southampton and attended Foundation at Eastleigh College. She enjoys bingeing Netflix, video games and Youtube in her spare time.

Her work is a process-led engagement with materiality which has recently gone digital. Since lockdown she has embraced her interests and has converted all her physical and digital paintings from her final major project into the world of Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch in her own final exhibition. 

If you ask me how my work is going, as a student in the 21st century I will promptly direct you to my Instagram page (and ask you to follow it if you haven’t already) to get a mediated overview of my practice instead of explaining it in great detail or asking you to come to my studio. Yet, my goal in my abstract painting is to ask you to look at it for longer. I think my practice is investigating the tension between these ideas. Being aware of the dangers of the disconnect between the digital and immediate reality. Whilst simultaneously trying to play along with it and try to work in harmony with it. 

My paintings are also about painting itself. I want to question what painting is or should be. I want the viewer not to think about the heaviness of the politics of contemporary painting. To immerse the self in a world of plastic colour, and to see the paint as objects in space whilst simultaneously a study of material on surface.

I had always used digital methods to manifest my paintings in a different way. I took pictures of my process. But part of me felt guilty if I sat at my computer all day in such a big studio space. Lockdown has actually enabled me to take my work a bit further. I pushed my work not just from physical to the digital realm but into a virtual space, where the paintings can be viewed from different angles rather than on a 2D screen. There is a deeper space within a video games’ screen. 

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