Emilee Parnell

Emilee is from Southampton and lived in Winchester whilst at University.  She attended Foundation at the University of East London. When not in the studio, she splits her time between the gym, watching movies and being with her family.

She is a painter, working predominantly with oils, but also has a great love for pencil drawing. Her work is inspired by family photographs and the world within the domestic home.

My fascination with memory and nostalgia has been the driving force behind my current project. I’ve used photographs from my own family’s collection as inspiration for my work and recreated them in oil paintings. The paintings are a response to these photographs. I use a combination of the photograph as reference and my memory to recreate them. The varying levels of detail in select sections of each painting is a reflection on whether they hold more or less value to me in correspondence to whether they are more vivid in my memory. I’ve also gone further and chosen to remove the human figure from these paintings to emphasise the loss of my younger self, as the child in the photographs is grown up now. But also in creating these paintings as an adult, I’m metaphorically trying to place myself back into these once familiar domestic scenes which I was once surrounded by every day.

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