Georgie Sutton

Georgie is from Wincanton, Somerset and attended Foundation at Strode College. During lockdown she stayed in Winchester. She likes video games, and The Sims even played a role in imagining what her degree show could look like. Her work, even her sculpture, is about drawing: objects made of straw mixed into plaster have graphite powder added to bring the charcoal of her drawings into the third dimension.

My work is focused around mark-making, using various materials and tools to create drawings, paintings, prints and sculptures. Predominantly using dinosaurs as a subject. I use the term ‘subject’ loosely as the subject gets blurred and fragmented, so becomes an entirely new thing. The use of dinosaurs as a ‘subject’ is also misleading as the work is not about dinosaurs, but about mark-making. The drawings focus around using charcoal and paint mixed together on the paper in fast, expressive motions. The sculptures use wood and chicken wire as an armature with plaster and straw built on top to create the ‘flesh’ of the sculpture. The textures of the piece are important to me as I work with incorporating touch as a crucial sense, both in the making and the ‘viewing’ of the work. All the individual elements come together as one in an installation.

During lockdown I started to work with digital forms, using a tablet to recreate a charcoal texture on a 2D screen. The subject matter became more prominent and started to morph, leaning more into why I find dinosaurs so interesting. For instance, thinking about how information is lost through the process of fossilisation and archaeological excavation. A few series of works highlighted this way of thinking, for example ‘First Impressions’ and ‘Layers’.

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