Sabrina Turner-Flanders

 Sabrina was born and raised in West London. She studied Art & Design at Uxbridge College and spent her free time coaching under-11s at Hillingdon Athletics.

My work is typically centred around purely found objects as I was drawn to the idea of repurposing these items and seeing what they could become. I began experimenting by pairing sculptural elements alongside scans and photography to see what they would create. In doing so I started seeing these discarded items from different perspectives and in different formats. From there, I experimented with assemblage, combining two or more items to create something entirely new. While in lockdown my practice has developed further. Although still working with found objects, I have focused more on my photography and have begun experimenting with digital collage, printing and cyanotypes. Through these practices I have really been able to explore and express my perception of littering and throw-away culture. 

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