Katerina Iona

Katerina is from Limassol and attended Fresh Art College, Cyprus. She joined WSA at the beginning of Year 2. She did dance-training from the age of 4 but had to stop training when she was about 16 due to an injury. However, she still dances today. She is a member of the Greek and Cypriot Society and the Belly Dance Society.

Her work comprises choreography and voiceovers – mostly poetry read aloud in Greek, with an emphasis on the strength of body language, and the finished product short, projected videos.

My personal practice is primarily associated with performance art. More specifically, it is a spontaneous improvisation accompanied with Greek audio presented to the audience mostly in digital format. My performances are directly related to emotions, this is the reason why I chose to perform in the sound of my own language instead of English. This may result to the majority of the audience not being able to understand and process the audio and its meaning, however the pieces I create are very personal, intimate and emotional. I believe that the ambience that I want the audience to experience is successfully transferred to them through movement, expressions, possibly the music in some of the audio used, as well as the tones of the voices that are heard in the video.

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