Ciara Hinchey

Ciara is from the Forest of Dean and attended Foundation at Gloucestershire College. At the end of her first year she ran the life-drawing society. Last July she volunteered at her old primary school, taking the children out into the conservation area in monster costumes that embody the forest, harking back to her own childhood. 

She uses hand-crafts, like woodcut printing and quilting, to make props and costumes for performative films. She wears her costumes as a way of breaking an everyday routine to enter an other-worldliness, shedding identity to become characters that engage with the wild landscape of the Forest of Dean. The other crafted props are placed within the forest context and removed of their domestic function, freeing them to adopt more magical and narrative driven roles in her developmental folklore of the forest.

There is an ancient and ever shifting narrative that humans tell themselves about wandering into the wilderness and confronting savage monsters. These imagined monsters are often manifestations of our repressed fears and primal urges: when the hero faces the beast, they actually face their inner wild self. There can be pleasure and release in delving into our fears and accepting hidden characteristics. My work lies at this threshold between humanity and the wilderness. Throughout my practice I have been growing a paracosm of hybrid creatures that embody human and bestial qualities situated within the ancient Forest of Dean. 

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