Beth Ashford

Beth is from Ipswich, did Foundation at Suffolk New College and lives in Winchester. She works at the Hambledon at weekends.

I have an interest in the desire for uniqueness, our collective conformity through the domestic pursuit of fashion and the ways in which we present ourselves through the objects we own. I have considered many areas of this pursuit within my own practice, specifically approaching ideas of consumerism and the attempt to individualise a space. I create art around this subject, so closely woven into the ideas surrounding the concept, that it can be placed into the environment that it is heavily influenced by, an ironic statement against the individualisation of a space. My work is print-based, using mass-production techniques to create formal works surrounding individuals’ homes, with an ability to be placed in not only the referenced space but also a wider audience. My practice looks closely at material culture; the ideas behind good and bad taste, Kitsch; Modernism and the use of craft within a fine art setting.

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Film with Maryam, Harry and John:

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