Vasilena Nikolova

Vassy is from Plovdiv, Bulgaria, the European Art Capital in 2019. She attended City College Southampton. She is a member of the Bulgarian Society and latterly the Greek Society. She works freelance as a content creator for her mother’s hand-made shoe brand back in Bulgaria; Vassy runs the Facebook page and the website, and sometimes helps out with making the shoes.

In my practice I am focusing on heart-warming events in my personal relationships. My paintings are predominantly a visual diary, where I capture strong emotional moments that I have experienced. I have been exploring this by allowing myself to be completely consumed by my emotions and memories. I use my personal feelings as inspiration to help me illustrate the figures, which are usually people I am strongly involved with. I am considering the psychology around intimacy and thinking carefully about the one common setting that can be recognised in all my paintings, the bedrooms where every little moment that I paint happens. By placing my focus on repetitive objects and domestic spaces, I am discovering an emotional weakness and discomfort in my own sentimental bond with a place.

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