Milly Mansfield Parker

Milly is from Brackley in Northamptonshire. She attended Foundation at Oxford Brookes following a BSc in Biology at University of Nottingham. She writes for fun – prose-poetry and short fiction – and practices craft for fun – traditional carving, jewellery-making and painting. She writes and practices craft as other facets of her practice. 

My interests in trace, monolith, space, object and functionality, seem to me parts of the same whole. I find aspects of ontology, epistemology, and psychoanalysis link them together,  but the threads that seem key are the separation and connections between the self and the other, and the linking of this to the physical world through creativity and the definition of here and there. My practice has been based on exploring interactions between the self and the other using objects (made and found), installation and photographs. I have been able to develop this practice across practical and written work and also across pre- and post- lockdown activity. By reflecting upon the new situation in my work I have found a new connectivity between my practice and the everyday. I have been able to reconcile the different areas of practice into a theoretical position which has made the purpose of my practice clearer. I have been able to re-evaluate the objects made from home and find new consequence to these things, continuing the dialogue between the practical and the theoretical.  

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