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Here is relaxed practice for the rest: finding the stuff, then finding the words. Informal, exploratory, discursive, whatever you like.

Shared Calm

Shared Calm: Fridays at 10.00. For as long as it’s wanted. Entirely optional. No pressure. Everyone welcome. We meet in Teams, agree a theme, spend a few minutes browsing the web, or our vast private libraries, then take it in turns to upload an image of choice – photographed out of a book, or downloaded from somewhere – which we will then discuss, with (possible) reference to the theme.

Email to be added to the team.

Previous themes have included tension, symmetry and a couple I have forgotten. Anybody? It’s what the comment button is for.

Here are some random images, for emergencies:

Incidentally, doesn’t the wir-o binding on this book work brilliantly; the pages lie completely flat, and you can read right across the double spread without losing any image in the spine. Just saying.