Nathan Pine

Nathan was born in London and brought up in Hastings. He is a youtuber where he expresses his interest in makeup, making music and other varying subjects. Is currently an aspiring tutor specialising in the subjects of Art and Photography, amongst pursuing other career prospects in the creative industries. 

I mainly make films, using my own footage and some from interviews, performances and other short art films. The aim of my practice is to question the relevance of masculinity within our society and challenge masculine supremacy and the destruction it causes for the LGBTQ+ community. I am confronting the heteronormative bias we currently have in our society. Masculinity is toxic; the stigma of what is stereotypically associated with masculinity and femininity to enhance a male superiority complex is extremely destructive. As a LGBTQ+ man living in this heteronormative society, I use my knowledge and present frustration and channel it into my art. 

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