Harry Joyce

Harry is from Bracknell and attended Foundation at Reading College. He plays tennis.

Lockdown has curtailed his animation from drawings, and brought his textural painting and sculptural work to the fore. He looks to the internet and cinema, for different forms of post -digital addiction: smartphones, video and music.

My stop motion animation, reliant on searching for motion in drawing, is an outward look at society, researching the aesthetic qualities of the cinematic and its relationship to life and routine within our post digital society. The subject, sourced from television and movies, concentrates on the textural elements of film, the materiality of the chalk and charcoal I use attempting to capture the grain and depth of the image. On the other hand, my ceramic and clay work, focuses inward, expressing a sense of self through mark making with unconventional tools, the clay a conduit to be emotively moulded and manipulated, push and scraped across cut and damaged canvas. My most recent painting practice revolves around the theme of horror, with reference to the work of Francis Bacon and Alfred Hitchcock, reliant on texture, figuration and abstraction. 

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