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The Shared Drive Yearbook is our annual record of the year together, and of the work of third-year students. Last year’s content and thoughts on layouts for the next one.

Shared Drive Yearbook 2020

Current thinking on design and content

The book will conform to the established patter in terms of size (240mm high, 190mm wide,) style, and layout. Instead of two pages per student there will be three, to allow a better idea of the ‘show’ we are all envisaging. As usual, artists will be featured in alphabetical order, this time in pairs, on facing pages; the artist on the left will also occupy the preceding two pages as a double spread; the artist on the right will occupy the two pages which follow. To ensure the double spreads lie flat, and nothing is lost in the spine of the book, I am thinking we will use wiro binding, with a full Canadian to match the exterior look of the series.

I have my notes on the interviews we conducted before Christmas, and I have access to everyone’s Reflective Journals. I will in due course put together from this material a draft yearbook text for each graduating student, and send them out for your amendment and approval.

Image content will be based on your FMP submission, with a selected image or images from your Main submission to accompany the text, and a double-spread of your Exhibition Proposal. I will discuss the choice a images with each of you individually.

For last year’s book, we established the practice of including pages of student protraits. I have had a conversation with Dave Gibbons about how we will do this under present circumstances. He is going to produce guidance on setting up a backdrop at home, and then he will be in touch to direct you to take the picture, in the hope that we can achieve, with maybe just a little post-production, a consistent look to the images.

Double spread image (student 1) followed by single page with text (student 1) followed by single page with text (student 2) followed by double spread image (student 2), and so on.
Wiro-bound pages lie flat
Full Canadian binding wraps the wiro spine and looks like perfect binding on the shelf.