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Issues of curatorship: more than themes and selection; editing, placement, alignment; taking care. This is the online forerunner of the proposed tutorial strand discussed with L1 for next year.

David Smith Exhibition

Hauser and Wirth, Somerset, January 2020

Curatorship is increasingly discussed as a matter of selection, according to themes. This section of the site is about issues around this idea, but also actively acknowledges that curatorship also entails, or should entail, acts of editing, juxtaposition and physical alignment.

In January, I was lucky enough to see the survey show at Hauser and Wirth of the work of the great American Abstract Expressionist sculptor, David Smith. I wish now that I had taken more photographs, for the show was exemplary in the way that the curators had managed to encompass the full range of the artist’s practice in just a few rooms. Above all, it was remarkable for the alignment of material in such a balanced, restful way, enabling any number of comparisons between different objects. And a brilliant mixture of familiar material and totally amazing surprises, one painting in particular…