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Issues of curatorship: more than themes and selection; editing, placement, alignment; taking care. This is the online forerunner of the proposed tutorial strand discussed with L1 for next year.

Five Essential Online Viewing Rooms

“Now that we’re a few weeks into the imposed social distancing restrictions and non-essential business closures, the art world has adjusted to the sudden shift toward increased online presence. Galleries and museums have been digitally curating their current and upcoming exhibitions through online viewing rooms and separate portal websites. Some establishments are truly making the most of the situation and embrace the unique opportunities that digital curation offers, while others are simply providing images of their artists’ work. Let’s send some love to the ones that have flourished as they acclimate to online viewing spaces.”

There’s a lot of overlap between The Wrong and Silicon Valet.

INIVA Newsletter

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Iniva (Institute of International Visual Arts) is an evolving, radical visual arts organisation dedicated to developing an artistic programme that reflects on the social and political impact of globalisation.

Sara Roberts

Doreen A. Rios

Doreen is a long-established digital curator. She has run a website, for about five years. I recommend you have a browse. A particularly interesting model, especially for these times, is ‘eyecandy’, where she invites international artists to curate inspirational content for her site. 

[Anti]materia emerges from the need of consolidating an informative platform as well as an exhibition space that enfolds the artistic creation based on new media performed by Latin American artists, curators and art promoters.

It proposes the creation of an intersective space for debate, home of an intangible archive which solidifies data for it’s consultation. It also focuses in promoting collaborations with international exponents with the idea of making the platform grow in an holistic way as well as creating links between creators.
The future of [Anti]materia relies on the constant addition of temporary exhibitions as well as the creation of a genealogy of artists, curators and art promoters focused in digital art and new media. All together with constant collaborations with diverse international creators.

This project bets on the easy access to information for future investigations surrounding this topic and its infinite possibilities.