Richard Wentworth

Statement (2007)

[ … ] I grew up in a world held together with string and brown paper and sealing wax, and that’s how it was. I slowly realized that this is the underlying condition of the world, and there’s nothing I like more than when, for example, there’s been a near-disaster at NASA and they say: ‘If it hadn’t been for the chewing gum .. .’ It’s not because I want to fetishize chewing gum or the aesthetics of gum pressed over some break or membrane; it’s because we have the intelligence to think: ‘Hey, there’s a malleable, mastic material and we can use that.’ A large part of our lives is spent using that very edgy bit of our intelligence [ … ]

Richard Wentworth. extract from interview with Kevin Henry in Henry, ‘Parallel Universes: Making Do and Getting By + Thoughtless Acts (Mapping the Quotidian from Two Perspectives), 2007. _parallel.asp

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